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Last night was a big night at Poggio. Beautiful teenagers glowed with the accomplishment of high school graduation and their parents reflected back the love we all have for our children, especially us moms. It is a sweet moment, and yet, underneath the joy is the realization that something is ending.

I have a new job. I had an Akashic Records Reading and the Lady (my name and capitalization, I mean what do you call her?) The Reader, told me that the Masters liked the new direction my life was taking, but I needed to get out of the house at night. She suggested I get a job as a hostess at an upscale restaurant. 

As I showed happy families to their tables I was transported back to my first Goodbye Year, and Page’s Redwood High School graduation. Probably, because I lean towards the dark side, often slipping into the depressing abyss that is motherhood, by Page’s graduation I had already been marinating in this-is-all-coming-to-an-end brine since August. Good God, we love them so much! 

I was recognized as an author. Holy Cow, that was so nice. And my reader, a lovely local psychiatrist, and I connected as mothers. Sharing the emotions like an advanced female species, like Diana Troi




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For up to date information on The Goodbye Year see Toni Piccinini | The Goodbye Year.

Hear a radio interview about the upcoming book.

The Goodbye Year – August 15 2013
Senior year in high school is a time of big changes for students – and their parents.

High school seniors, typically, use that year to prepare to leave the familial nest. Parents, too, should prepare for that change, says the author of a guidebook for doing just that.

Toni Piccinini offers a peek inside the pages of The Goodbye Year on the North Bay Report webpage at You can comment, share and like us there. Follow the North Bay Report on Twitter @KRCBNews.














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